Hi, I'm Dustin O'Neill
live events & experiential marketing

let me introduce myself

i started working backstage in middle school. i've always loved production. design, rendering, drafting...all aspects of it. i spent a decade on broadway and another decade traveling the world producing live events for some of the most fun and luxurious brands. i've been fortunate enough to work with lamborghini in aspen...samsung in chicago...faradayfuture in hong kong...discovery in jerusalem...and more.

i'd rather be lucky than good...


what i do  on your time
some of my favorite things i do daily

i'm pretty fluent in numerous 3d workflows. they include 3DS Max, Maya, SketchUp, Vray. nothing i like more that looking at possibilities in photo realism.


a good drawing packet has always brought me zen. getting in the weeds on a project brings me satisfaction in having a plan.


i grew up building scenery as a carpenter and a welder. there's a real joy for me in engineering solutions and seeing them through fabrication and installation.

what i do  on my time
why i do things on your time

i've always been willing to fly at the drop of a hat. my marriage to caz has only exacerbated the situation. we make delta feel like a third wheel.

the boys

the only thing about travel that sucks is leaving our two boys (dogs), Luis and YoYo. luis is from australia...so he gets it. yoyo is from alabama...he doesn't.


maybe it's the italian family in me. maybe it's a result of years on the road on my own. but i love it. my wife knows we're renting our apartment because it has viking appliances.

your time
some of the stuff i do on your time
my time
some of the stuff i do on my time
i'd rather be lucky than good
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